Apostle & Mrs. Bona Siriboe Boateng (Pastorate)

Following our Saviour's example, all believers are bond servants of God (Romans 1:1; Galatians 1:10; Colossians 4:12). We are to perform "good deeds" to all men, with a responsibility especially to fellow Christians (Gal 6:10; Hebrew 10:24). This one of our strongest idea when we take the challenge into the ministry.

Welcome to our website.

Welcome to our website, we believe as you are surfing our website it will provide you with the necessary tools which will change your life for the better! We have all it takes to provide you with a spiritual tools to enhance your life better that before, and this website was constructed to do you better.

We are sharing the good news of the gospel and proclaiming "Jesus as Lord forever more!" From the Christian principles of faith, hope and love to deeper biblical teaching on healing, finances, relationships, and the Holy Spirit, we are here and on the web to assist you to walk daily with God.

However we want you to know that we are firm believers that preach the precise word of God and bringing understanding of God’s Word as the gateway to change people’s lives. From finances to walking in divine health; our ministry is committed to equipping people all over the world with the knowledge and wisdom needed to make decisions that will positively impact their futures.

We are one church in many locations, and we would like to invite you to worship with us at our Hamburg Assembly, if you are visiting Germany or living in Hamburg and her surroundings. We shall be grateful to welcome you with open hands as we are committed to lead and bring understanding of God’s Word to people all over the world

We are committed to making your life unique through Christ Jesus with our ministry or church, as we want you to experience Jesus Christ as the great one! Thank you for visiting and we look forward to seeing you again. God bless you!

Thank you for visiting our website, and we shall be grateful if you are in Hamburg Germany on a visit, you can extend your visit to our church service. For fellowship remember... Jesus died for  our sins and yours as well.